Dear Stakeholders,

We have managed to become one of the most robust technology distributors in Turkey in our 26-years-long journey which we began as LinkPlus. Our local power has gained a global support as our company was acquired by Redington Group, one of the world’s most deep-rooted companies in IT, in 2015. Hence, our company is renamed as Redington Turkey as of 2021 and now, we continue to make progress as both a local company and a part of a larger structure with global know-how. 

Our philosophy of acting as a value added technology distributor is what differentiates us from our competitors. Rather than being a distributor alone, we have made great progress in our efforts to become a technology company that offers consulting services. As we transform our structure from a boutique distributor to a corporate organization, we make sure to preserve our dynamism, synergy and team spirit which remain at the core of our service quality. 

As a company exclusively focused on information technology, we attach great importance to our relationship with and value added to our business partners and corporate customers. We are positioned as the ‘uniting power of the ecosystem’. This identity allows us to create integrated systems in order to keep up with the requirements of our customers and offer them customized solutions accordingly. We offer a wide range of products and solutions from cyber security to artificial intelligence, big data to internet of things, analytics to 5G and cloud computing. 

Thanks to our global structure, we are able to make flexible financing offers to our local business partners and help them implement projects for their customers. At ‘Center of Excellence’, we provide periodical and, if necessary, special training to our business partners and corporate customers as an authorized training center. We believe that we create a truly important difference in the industry with this center. We offer a platform that brings customers and business partners together by means of our demo center which is comprised of both virtual and physical platforms. In that respect, we create an ideal medium for PoC (proof of concept) studies. At ‘Migration Center’, we offer support for technological migrations. And our studio structure proves beneficial for designing how to make strategic progress with brands.  

At Redington Turkey, we continue to grow and make further progress by means of our renewed structure, developing customer portfolio, digital marketing operations and human resources investments. Our true power will lie in our brands, business partners, customers and human resources in this new epoch which will make us more innovative and active than ever. I am grateful for their continued support in the future. 

Sincerely yours,

Cem Borhan 
General Manager, Redington Turkey