Most Powerful Kubernetes Platform
Diamanti is solving the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with simple and cost-effective solutions that address enterprise requirements for managing Kubernetes applications and data.

  • A complete Kubernetes Platform for Hybrid Cloud
  • The best and only purpose built platform for managing Kubernetes at any scale
  • The most advanced Kubernetes platform for stateful applicarions
  • The only platform that allows developers to focus on building application, not infrastructure
  • A single pane for managing Kubernetes clusters across cloud and on-premises
  • Get 10x to 30x performance improvement for your data-intensive applications
  • Protect your applications and infrastructure with enterprise-grade security and availability

Kubernetes Platforms

Product Portfolio


Global Kubernetes Management Software For Hybrid Cloud

Diamanti Spektra is a software platform that propels enterprises and MSPs to rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud, with security and resilience built-in. Spektra provides a single pane of glass to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with advanced multi-tenancy access controls. This simplifies Day 2 operations so enterprises can focus on their applications and not on infrastructure complexity.


Kubernetes data plane for hybrid clouds

Diamanti Ultima is a Kubernetes data plane solution for both on-premises and public cloud environments. It features a container-optimized storage layer with integrated data services, advanced CNI and CSI plugins, and I/O acceleration technology to provide a highly scalable, high performance solution.

Ultima Offload

Software defined I/O acceleration card

Diamanti Ultima offload is a fourth-generation PCIe card which delivers I/O acceleration by offloading network, storage, security and management. This card frees up the host CPU by offloading I/O processing to deliver 10x to 30x performance improvement with low deterministic latency.


Complete full-stack solutions on modern hyperconverged hardware

Get to production faster with full stack, turnkey solutions of Diamanti software pre-deployed on your choice of x86 hardware, including options from leading server providers including Intel, Dell Technologies and Lenovo. The Diamanti D20 family of modern hyperconverged platforms consists of D20, D20X, G20T and G20P with varying configurations of Intel CPUs, memory and NVMe storage. G20T and G20P support NVIDIA GPUs for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases.