Hitachi Vantara guides its customers from what's now to what's next. By connecting their unmatched digital industrial capabilities with companies' data, they spark unparalleled competitive advantage that rapidly scales its customers' digital business and propels society forward. Hitachi Vantara aims to become the world's preferred digital innovation partner by unlocking the "good" in data that benefits customers. Hitachi Vantara aims specifically bringing a competitive edge to the digital domains that matter most – the data center, data operations and enterprise digital transformation. The company's goal is to help customers develop practical, scalable digital strategies and solutions that transform operational processes, improve customer experiences and create new business models to drive innovation and growth.    

Object Storage

"Hitachi's intelligent, integrated approach redefines the purpose and value of data by combining enhanced cloud data management and accelerated performance to meet modern application demands. By Hitachi object storage solutions you will interact with all data faster to drive value, improve decision making and gain more accurate insights. * Streamline cloud deployments with native support * Support any workload from archives to analytics * Optimize costs with 67% lower TCO than public cloud alone * Automate and innovate with intelligent data management * Govern and protect data from disasters and ransomware * Extend data management to ROBO, edge and user devices"

Product Portfolio

Hitachi Content Platform - HCP

With massive scale and robust security, HCP eases data control and access. Discover why IDC views Hitachi Vantara as a leader in object storage. Navigating modern challenges requires support for multiple use cases with visibility and control across all data. A modern digital platform enables easy management of volumes of data, seamless response to application demands and wide data accessibility, while satisfying compliance requirements.

Flash Storage

"Hitachi Flash Storage solutions accelerate your business applications with enterprise strength and high availability. You will increase business agility and streamline day-to-day operations with all-flash storage. By nonstop ops, reduction in costs, modernization and VSP family, you can transform data center operaitons. Nonstop Ops: Legendary Hitachi Reliability backed by a 100% Data Availability Guarantee Reduction in Costs: Environmental savings, flat-service pricing, and bundled software Modernization: Solutions that Grow with Your Business - Scale to 69PB and 21M IOPS VSP Family: A complete line of all-flash and hybrid flash storage for today and what’s next"

Product Portfolio

Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 Series

Created for the most challenging storage applications, VSP 5000 series provides a robust platform for enterprise infrastructure. Recognized as the fastest NVMe flash array in the world, VSP 5000 series delivers best-in-class 21M IOPS and 70µs latency, an all-new, scalable architecture optimized for NVMe and best-in-class performance and flexibility.

Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E Series

Enterprise class all-flash NVMe storage solutions that won't break the bank. 00% Data availability guarantee. Lowest cost per iops in the industry. Ultimate flexibility in consumption.

Virtual Storage Platform F Series

Cloud ready storage with sub-millisecond latency ensures consistent performance for your business in a modern storage platform. With three times more all-flash performance and the industry’s best 100% data-availability guarantee, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F series transforms your data center into an innovation hub. Our customers use our patented flash technologies and storage virtualization capabilities to simplify day-to-day tasks and focus on business growth.

Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Enterprise reliability and operational simplicity that delivers data three times faster. Eliminate outages that put your revenue and reputation at risk with the industry’s best 100% data availability guarantee from Hitachi. Transform data center operations with a flash-powered cloud platform.