"Thrive in the Data Age With Splunk
91 of the Fortune 100 use Splunk to bring data to every question, decision and action.
Splunk’s modern data platform helps IT, Security and DevOps professionals ingest any data from any source to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act quickly on their data. 
The Data-to-Everything Platform includes everything you need to ensure your digital initiatives succeed. Empower your people to predict, identify and solve problems in real time. Splunk’s flexible platform and purpose-built solutions scale with you as your data and organization evolve. 

Splunk is the only platform that allows you to investigate, monitor, analyze and act with...
Any Structure - Whether structured or unstructured, Splunk is able to ingest any text-based data without requiring you to organize it first.
Any Source - Ingest data from anywhere — whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, from IoT devices to your point-of-sale, CRM and beyond.
Any Timescale - Investigate and act on data fast and seamlessly whether it's streaming now or historical.
Any Insight - Ask any question and leverage advanced ML/AI to get actionable insights across Security, IT, DevOps and beyond.
Any Action - Support a broad range of users across the business in acting on their data. Automate actions based on set playbooks or AI-driven decision-making and simplify collaborative responses across teams."            


"Modernize your security operations with our portfolio of advanced data, analytics and operations solutions that help your team stay agile and ready to defend against the latest threats. Strengthen your cyber defenses. Splunk for Security provides industry-leading detection, investigation and response capabilities. A unified security posture for the cloud, * Secures your journey to the cloud * Unifies your security posture * Builds efficiencies into your team"

Product Portfolio

Splunk Security Essentials

Get started with Splunk for Security. Map data sources to detections, discover new use cases and explore out-of-the-box security content.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Level-up your security analytics with pre-built detections, advanced analytics, and powerful risk, threat intel and response frameworks.

Splunk Phantom

Work smarter, respond faster and increase SecOps productivity with automated security investigations and incident response.

Splunk Mission Control

Detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain and remediate threats — all from a common work surface and all in the cloud.

Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Drasitically consolidate security alert and uncoger unkown or advanced threats using behavior analytics powered by machine learning.

Splunk Threat Research

Detect threats faster by integrating our expert research into your security operations.

IT Operations

"Prevent outages with modern IT management solutions for full-stack service monitoring, predictive analytics and streamlined troubleshooting. Service-centric IT management for increased availability and faster remediation. * Find and fix issues faster * Get full-stack visibility * Proactive management and analytics"

Product Portfolio

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure in real-time with full-stack visibility and AI-driven alerting built for any scale.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Protect service performance with AIOps, end-to-end visibility and incident intelligence.

Splunk On-Call

Make on-call suck less with intelligent and automated incident response and collaboration.

Data-to-Everything Platform

"Get real-time insights for enhanced productivity, security, profitability and competitiveness. One platform for all your data needs. Splunk® Cloud Platform lets you investigate, monitor, analyze and act on your data with ease for enhanced operational efficiency. Unify your data on a single platform to improve: * Data accessibility * Business insights * Usability and collaboration"

Product Portfolio

Splunk Cloud Platform

Solve your toughest data challenges with a core the data platform that offers powerful search, analytics, visualization and mobile capabilities available as a secure, reliable and scalable service.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Investigate, monitor, analyze and act on your data in the cloud or in on-premises environments.

Splunk Data Stream Processor

Collect, process and distribute data to Splunk and other destinations in milliseconds with real-time stream processing.


"Go from problem detection to resolution with one solution for all your observability needs, including infrastructure monitoring, APM, RUM, synthetics, log analytics and incident response, all powered by OpenTelemetry. Unified metrics, traces and logs. Monitor, explore and troubleshoot your entire stack in one platform. With Splunk Observability, you can... * Increase developer productivity * Create better user experiences * Reduce operational uncertainity"

Product Portfolio

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure in real time with full-stack visibility and AI-driven alerting built for any scale.

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

Troubleshoot microservices and application issues with NoSample™ full-fidelity distributed tracing.

Splunk On-Call

Make on-call suck less with intelligent and automated incident response and collaboration.