Supermicro is a global leader in Green IT and procurement of optimized servers, work stations, blade, storage and GPU systems. It provides innovative, high performance, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions with its customizable services and broad line of products.

  • Supermicro offers higher efficiency for your data centre with its end-to-cloud platforms providing the widest range of solutions customized for server and storage technologies.
  • A global leader in Green IT initiative, Supermicro delivers the best performance in watt/sqm/value measurements. 
  • Thanks to the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry, Supermicro continues to add value to its customers after the initial purhcase.
  • It is dedicated to being the first to offer the latest technologies to its customers in each product cycle with the help of its development partnerships with Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.
  • Supermicro is among the leading global providers of both CPU and GPU solutions.          


"Superior Performance, Efficiency and Time-to-Market for Rapid Adoption"

Product Portfolio


"High-Performance, Highly-Configurable Servers for Data Centers, Enterprise, and 5G Edge

* High performance systems with rear I/O and front I/O configırations
* Lightning-fast storage with the latest generation PCI-E 4.0 NVMe SSDs
* Networking flexibility with AIOM NIC support"


"Highest Performance and Flexibility for Enterprise Applications

* Flagship dual processor performance
* All NVMe and hybrid storage options
* Flexible networking and expandibility"


"Scalable Platform for Large Cloud Data Center Deployments

* All-in-one rackmount platform
* Compact 2U system that supports up to two double-with GPUs in a 25.5 chassis
* 4-12 SATA/SAS drive bays with optional full NVMe support in select SKUs"


"Versatile Entry Level and Volume Servers for Enterprise Server Applications

* Versatile servers for the enterprise 
* A broad range of form factors
* Rich selections of optional features"


"Industry’s Widest Variety of I/O Optimized Servers

* Application optimized
* Best I/O flexibility"

MP Systems

"Extremely Large In-Memory Computing and Mission Critical Applications

* Uncompromised scalibility up to 8-socket
* Maximum performance and memory footprint
* Enterprise mission critical server features"

Max IO Systems

"Application Optimized and I/O Maximized for Space-constrained Applications

* Highest PCI-E expansion capability on a 2-socket server
* Up to 11 PCI-E 3.0 slots"


"Designed for Data Centers with Best Performance, Cost and Energy Efficiency

* Space saving form factor
* Optimized thermal architecture
* Energy efficient design"


Innovative Multi-node Architecture with Reduced TCO and TCE

Product Portfolio

Big Twin

"Highest Performing 2U Twin Architecture with 4 or 2 Nodes

* 2U 4/2-Node with up to 24 DIMM slots
* All NVMe and Hybrid options
* Flexible networking with SIOM"

Fat Twin

"Advanced Multi-node 4U Twin Architecture with 8 and 4 Nodes

* 4U 8/4-Node with up to 16 DIMM slots
* Versatile I/O and storage configurations
* HPC optimizations and SIOM networking"


"Leading 1U/2U TwinPro Architecture with 4 and 2 Nodes

* 1U/2U 4/2-Node with up to 16 DIMM slots
* NVMe and Hybrid Storage Options
* Flexible networking with SIOM"


"Leading Twin Architecture with 2U 4 nodes and 1U 2 nodes

* 1U/2U 4/2-Node with up to 8 DIMM slots
* SAS2 and SATA3 storage options
* Onboard gigabit ethernet "


Resource-Saving Architecture with High Performance, Density and Efficiency

Product Portfolio


"Highest Density x86 Multi-Node Server for Enterprise Cloud, HPC Applications

* Unparelled performance
* Advanced networking and NVMe
* A variety of form-factors"


"Highest Density, Energy-Efficiency and Value

* Highest density and cost-effectiveness
* Multiple UP nodes per blade
* Best data center energy efficieny"


"Dense Multi-Node Solution for the Cloud

*3U 24/12/8 Node with up to 4 DIMM slots
* U.2 NVMe and SATA3 storage options
* Passthrough networking up to 19 Gigabit ethernet"


"Better. Faster. Greener. Optimize your Cloud, AI, and 5G Infrastructure with the industry's broadest portfolio of All-Flash NVMe, Top Loading, and High-Density Storage Systems"

Product Portfolio

All-Flash NVMe

"Highest Performing Storage Solutions for Advanced Computing

* Best throughput and latency
* Leading flash media support
* Highest flash capacity"

Top-Loading Storage

"Cloud-Density Storage Systems Optimized For Software-Defined Data Centers

* Capacity and density maximized
* Easy to service and deploy
* Software-Defined storage"

"Enterprise-Optimized Storage"

"High-Performance Building Block Solutions

* Versatile storage platforms
* Wide range of systems for any storage applications
* Front and rear drive bays for best density"