Trend Micro is a global market leader in cloud security, server security, virtualization security and content security for small enterprises with more than 25 years of expertise in a single business. Trend Micro delivers first class solutions to reduce the risks affecting consumers, proprietors or employees by protecting sensitive data on physical, virtual and cloud environments. It lets you make the most digital life in your home, PC and mobile devices. Trend Micro helps to make families safer by promoting privacy and safety of valuable data with its consumer products and services.        

Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud Security products facilitate security management and improve visibility in physical, virtual, cloud and container environments. A single solution gives control in various domains. * Detect and prevent attacks and malware with a set of broadest security controls in the entire development line. * Ensure consistent protection and visibility in each part of hybrid cloud environment with the security provided for handling reporting complexity and vulnerabilities. * Enhance integrated security for your DevOps processes by increasing security applications without slowing down performance between different environments.

Product Portfolio

Data Center & Virtualization

You need hybrid cloud security that matches the performance and flexibility of today’s virtualized data centre. That is exactly what Trend Micro Deep Security does. It uses a comprehensive set of policy-enforced security controls to automatically shied VMs from network attacks and vulnerabilities, stop malware and ransomware attacks and detect unauthorized system changes.

You will manage risks, reduce costs and save your time using this solution which delivers multiple security features including automated policy management and central visibility in a single product.

Cloud Security

Automatically protect what you put in the cloud with a single, cloud-native solution that won’t slow you down. Trend Micro Deep Security helps you to secure your data seamlessly before cloud migration. Deep Security supports API integration with Azure and AWS to enable development on cloud directly.

Container Security

Cloud-native security designed to deliver protection and scalability across platforms and enhance security of your Continuous Integration and Distribution Pipeline.

  • Optimized security for your CI/CD pipeline. 
  • Create Securely. Deploy Fast. Operate Everywhere. 
  • Automated protection between containers and host

Network Security

Trend Micro Network Security products will take you beyond new generation IPS to detect, analyse and prevent advanced threats and targeted attacks. * Detect and block known, unknown and undisclosed threats at light speed. * Achieve faster time to protection against known, unknown and undisclosed threats with smarter protection capability. * Optimize your security performance with high performance, automatic protection that is suitable for your hybrid platform. * Automated and integrated. Prioritize and respond to critical threats thanks to real-time threat information sharing, central threat insight and automated troubleshooting.

Product Portfolio

Intrusion Prevention - IPS

Protect against all known, unknown and undisclosed vulnerabilities and threats in your network. Attain proven network security and availability through automated, inline inspection without impeding network performance. Achieve protection from advanced threats through industry-leading global threat intelligence. Integrate and prioritize security policy, response and visibility with centralized management. Maximize real-time protection with patented machine learning techniques.

Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and respond to targeted attacks moving inbound, outbound and laterally. Achieve real-time protection against targeted attacks.

  • Higher detection ratio
  • 360-degree network protection 
  • Advanced sandbox analysis 
  • Threat sharing and network analyses"

User Protection

Protect users and information – at any device, any application, anywhere. Traditional security solutions are no longer enough. Powered by XGen security, Trend Micro User Protection delivers protection against constantly changing malware, targeted attacks and ransomware variants including WannaCry. With multi-layered, integrated protection, it helps to protect endpoint email, web, SaaS applications of users without regard to network or location.

Product Portfolio

Endpoint & Network Gate Suites

Protect users from gateway till endpoint with Maximum XGen security. 

  • Maximum protection 
  • Multi-layered 
  • Centralised
  • Maximum flexibility 

Endpoint Security

With XGen security, make defence against threats of today and tomorrow. 

  • Seamless security
  • Data protection
  • Multi-layered
  • Easy management 

E-mail Security

Stop infiltration of phishing, malware, ransomware, fraud and targeted attacks to your enterprise.  

Trend Micro uses XGen security, the most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defence techniques, with proven methods to find more phishing emails and malware. Our email solutions work with Control Manager for central management and threat sharing with other security layers to improve your visibility and overall protection.

Web Security

Protect users and information against web-based threats.  

  • Seamless protection
  • Granular control
  • Multi-layered 
  • Flexible 

SaaS Application Security

Advanced threat and data protection for Office 365 and other cloud file sharing services 

  • Office 365 security
  • High protection
  • Prevention of attacks
  • Easy integration

Endpoint Detection & Response

Discover and respond to targeted attacks with advanced detection techniques. 

Trend Micro has integrated layered advanced detection and response techniques to its Endpoint Protection Platform to leverage its automation and response capabilities. Machine learning (both pre-execution and run-time), vulnerability protection, behavioural analysis, application control and other advanced techniques are designed to work seamlessly with your endpoint protection.